Great Chunks of Nothing

This song was recorded in July, 2017. It was played, written and recorded by Becky Kill. The art is the title page of Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal.

There was a bit of a candle
You kept next to our bed,
Among the Flowers of Evil
In the books that you read.
There was a sheet across the window
Above the table and the chair,
Where you threw the dirty undershirt
That you wore when you were there.
There were dishes on the floor
amid the funk that would betray
the secret of the fuck
that you threw me every day.
There was the pulsing of a heartbeat
In every word that you had written
Like the beating that you gave
upon this flesh that I had given.

This is where we lay
Between the drugs and the death.
This is where we lay
Synchronizing every breath.
This is where we lay
Focused on the great chunks of nothing.

I found a damp red rag
On the bathroom floor.
I found a crust of bread
and an apple core.
I found a handful of change
In a clear glass jar,
With a picture of you
And the keys to your car.
I found a yellow rose
Pressed in a big fat book.
I found pieces of you
In all the places I looked.
I find the smell of you
Is the smell of my bed
Among the Flowers of Evil
In the books that we read.

Released July 26, 2017
Guitar, voice, song, recording by Becky Kill